Art and Illustrations by Amy H. Robinson

So the other morning before work I was going through my purse.  Oh my god.  So much stuff in there.

And I found lots of little tidbits of things, treasures that appealed to me too much to throw away.  Here are a few of them scanned for your viewing pleasure.

I suppose it bears mentioning that the woman is yet another rending of my lady lark.  Some day I will have her sorted out.  But for now, she appears all over in many ways.  I have a bunch of silly versions of her that I should post soon.  One is yet another drawing found crammed in my purse.  Perhaps I will post it soon!


2 Responses to “Things I found in my purse”

  1. shelby brakken

    the things i have in my purse include: a squirt gun, a kids sock, a container of old grapes…the list goes on….wish i had your art in my purse…


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