Finally, I am able to finish posting about Indigo, her place, and her fabulous art.

I need to start this post with a huge DISCLAIMER:  Please, please note that the photos were all taken with my first edition iPhone camera.  They were taken as they are, hanging on walls, some up high such that my camera had to be at an angle to take them.  I used natural light, even though one looks like it has a flash (the portrait below).  This was because of strong light coming in from the window.

What I am realizing as I review the photos, is that I did not manage to take photos of enough of her portraits.  She does many of them, and they are cherished in our family.  I will have to share those at a later date.  However, I did get this self-portrait of her, below:

I’m very sad about the uneven light on this one, because it is such a powerful portrait when you see it in person.

One of the most inspiring things I find about Indigo is how easily she adheres to her own belief system, without doubting herself.  For example, during one conversation she expressed complete disbelief regarding that fact that a person did not believe in reincarnation.  I loved it.  She just keeps going, unselfconsciously.  I need more of that in my life.

One movement that she is very excited about for the last few years is the Anastasia movement.  I confess I know very little about it.  If you look on youtube, there is a series of videos about it and people who have implemented it in their lives.  It is called “The Space of Love.”  Indigo is featured in segment 4, here.  Check it out!