Art and Illustrations by Amy H. Robinson

It has been way too quiet around here, and in part this is because I spent a week traveling.  Here is an old picture of one of the people I visited, my aunt Indigo.

She used to be a model. I bet you can tell that though…

And another one of the two of us together, last week.

Indigo & Me
(Yes! I’m totally digging the yellow pants.)

Indigo is a painter and has spent 25 years gardening.  I cannot tell you how strongly she has influenced me in my life.  Very much so.  I plan to post a number of her paintings here in the next few days.

While I was out, I was able to type out the first draft of one of my children’s stories.  So while I do not have anything new and visual to post, I will post some items from the past that resonate with me.

I have so many ideas cycling through my head.  I struggle with not being able to pen them all down, try them all out.  I could really live my whole life as an artist I think.  Not being able to do it all drives me nuts.  But still, I console myself by the fact that I can at least do some of the projects I imagine.  I just have to stick it out!  Lately though, all these new mediums are appealing to me.  I want to embroider some pillows for my new couch.  I want to try stretching my own canvases.  I have loads of paintings appearing fully formed in my imagination.  What is a girl to do????  One. At. A. Time.

Quote from Edward Gorey (From The World of Edward Gorey interview):

“I used to think years ago, ‘Oh, God, suppose I never think of anything else?  Suppose nothing else ever comes to me?  You better write down everything.’  And I still do, because I never know when I might want to use it.  Now I would rather not have any new ideas.  Unfortunately, I have more than I ever did before.”

I hope you all have a great week!



6 Responses to “Way Too Quiet”

  1. Tom

    Your blog is awesome 🙂 This post makes me want to visit the farm


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