Art and Illustrations by Amy H. Robinson

That’s right, a giveaway!  I am giving away a set of my alphabet cards.

More about the cards:  This is an original printing, with a second printing anticipated later this year.  The next print will include my “branding,” while these were more of an experiment.  (Who knows, maybe these will become collector’s items?)

All of the cards feature a stenciled upper case letter and an original watercolor painted by me.  You can see a few of the images, here.  You can also find out more information in my shop.

Participation is simple – just leave a comment on this post.  I will send the cards to the winner no matter where they live in the world.  This giveaway closes at midnight on Friday, June 22, Alaska time.  I will announce the winner next Monday.


31 Responses to “Time for a Giveaway”

  1. el em

    beautiful illustrations, amy. my son is just barely learning his abc’s (he’s not even 2 yet so he’s still young). we just started singing the abc song to him, and he will hum it very quietly when we make a request for him to sing it. mostly he just wants mama to sing “more”. really sweet, and so are your cards. : )

  2. Christina

    Wow, as a mother of two, how do you find the time? It’s inspiring!

    • Amy H. Robinson

      Geez. Time? I take like half hour in the morning or night, if I’m lucky! And work on things with the kids.
      Yesterday I was watching Sebastian on Little Mermaid and he is grumbling to himself, “I should be writing symphonies! Not chasing around after moody teenagers..” (Or something like that.) I can so relate.

  3. Alexandra FriedmanA

    When I was a little girl, I clearly remember my older brother teaching me how to tie my shoe…I want a make a memory like that with my niece and nephew…Teaching them the alphabet…and then they might just think of me every time they sing the alphabet song! Beautiful cards!!!

    • Amy H. Robinson

      Wow Alexandra! What a sweet story. I would be honored to be a part of making such memories. It is the little things that stick with us… and that cement us together.

  4. s.brakken

    you dont have to enter me in the contest, but i just wanted to say that I LOVE my cards. each one is like a little piece of art. x

  5. Colleen

    You are so creative, Amy. My boys, Jaxen and Gray, would love these cards! I like the idea of getting two sets of cards to play the memory game.

  6. Kirsten

    Amy, these are beautiful. Do you plan to write books too or just do the illustrations?

  7. Mary

    Your cards are practical and beautiful, a great combination…….I wish you well in this endeavor, and I suspect it will be successful as the cards are more known (viral!!) the marketplace….

  8. Rebecca

    You do beautiful work! I look forward to the children’s books.

  9. Bill J. Humphrey

    Original artwork from Amy. We would love to have any original pieces here at the rainforest inn. Most of our present artwork is oil paintings by Indigo, mosaic by Indigo, and a couple of watercolors by Laurie. Heather promised a sculpture someday.

    • Amy H. Robinson

      Bill… I think the Rainforest Inn is going to get some Amy original art. Perhaps a painting? Especially now that the request is in, it’s on.


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